DCE - Driver Controlled Exhaust

Sometimes you have to be quiet – and sometimes you want to be LOUD!

VOE-2™ Model * For a brief period in 1969 & 1970, GTO buyers were able to purchase an option known as “Vacuum Operated Exhaust”. It was one of the industry’s most unusual options; dual-mode mufflers - controlled by the driver - that could be operated in “Quiet” or “Tiger” (Open) modes

DCE™ Universal Model (For almost everyone else!)

There is a patent pending design that provides the look and sound of the original VOE Muffler for most other vehicles.

There are (2) criteria to be able to use DCE™ mufflers.

1.) You need sufficient space for the muffler(s). The smallest version is (length X width X height) 12” X 9 ¾” X 4 ¾”. Allow 3” on both ends for the inlet, vacuum actuator and outlet.

2.) For high performance engines, your vehicle must pull at least 14 inches of mercury vacuum.

The Universal DCE™ Mufflers are available in 12”, 14”, 18”, 19” and 21” case lengths, with offset inlets and offset OR center outlets. Available inlet and outlet diameters include 2”, 2 ¼” and 2 ½”. They are a direct fit for a wide variety of AMC, Ford, Dodge, Plymouth, Mercury, GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile and Chrysler cars and trucks. They are a modified fit for most vehicles.

QUIET MODE: The muffler functions as a normal, triple-tube muffler with a double reverse flow pattern. Exhaust gases flow into the inlet, return forward past the front baffle and reverse direction to enter the outlet tube. Internal tube configuration and sound absorbing technologies keep the “Quiet” mode sound levels at approximately 70 dBA @ idle. In this mode, your car is quiet; inside and out.

OPEN MODE: Pull the “Loud” switch, and a valve inside the muffler opens to allow the exhaust gases to flow from the inlet tube directly to the outlet tube. This was Pontiac’s “Tiger” mode. Sound levels are typically 78 to 80 dBA @ idle in this mode. You hear a lower, deeper exhaust note inside the vehicle and the sound outside is approximately TWICE AS LOUD as in Quiet mode. Best of all, the exhaust flow rate is 37% higher than Quiet mode!

Of course! They can be utilized in most Street Rod or Hot Rod applications!

Universal DCE™ mufflers are slightly louder than the VOE-2™ model in the Quiet mode. In the Open mode, they sound and flow the same as the VOE-2™ model. In general, you will get the greatest sound contrast with the longer mufflers, so order the longest size that will fit your vehicle.

You’ll love the way they sound!

Idle (750 RPM) 77dBa dBa
2200 RPM 84 dBa 99 dBa
3400 RPM 88 dBa 100 dBa
Throttle “blip” peaks 90 dBa 102 dBa

New Generation Mufflers
The mufflers are available (individually or in pairs) by themselves OR in combination with a control system. The double wall outer case, end caps, baffles and moving components are stainless steel. The vacuum actuator, which operates the valve, is mounted externally and is made of zinc-plated steel. Internal tubes are Aluminized steel or Stainless Steel, depending on the model.